21 Exclusive Business Card Designs

21 Exclusive Business Card Designs post image

Business Card with logo feels good and it helps build audience around your product or service. If you really wish to stand out from the other usual business card you’ll want to attempt some new ideas. Creativity and unique ideas will produce one amazing piece you’ll be proud to share with your clients. Our Today’s showcase includes a number of exclusive/premium business cards from all types of work.
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Character Designs By Dmitry Grebenkov

Character Designs By Dmitry Grebenkov post image

Dmitry Grebenkov is fully skilled 2d/3d artist and a constantly growing style, Dmitry Grebenkov is making strides in the digital art world. He have become more relaxed with his art, and he is experimenting with a lot of styles and techniques. I get inspired by all art, including music, books and movies. As for character designs, he like to keep everything simple and functional. He has a Degree in Painting (oils and fine art) but after he discovered the world of digital art he started to work 100% digitally. He want to push himself into more complex illustrations, more storytelling, and not only characters, as a goal he want to create his own art world like Pascal Campion has, to tell people stories and to make them smile by looking at his art. Also, maybe something more like kids illustrations.

Today we have gathered Character Designs from his fan art pieces, to his original works. checkout.
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15 Professional Website Development Tools 2014

15 Professional Website Development Tools 2014 post image

Professional Website Development Tools have brought the power of multiple technology features to build awesome website designs. Web Design Software hopes to surprise web developers with a rather convenient and simpler creative process. These comprehensive tools are smart, flexible, and highly interactive in their use, style and performance. Let’s take a look at 15 latest website development pro tools and Platforms at this time.
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15 Free Responsive Website Templates

15 Free Responsive Website Templates post image

It doesn’t matter what you are working on, your website need to work smoothly in all browsers. From desktops to smartphones and the huge range of mobile devices, you need to make sure your layout is adaptable and that the user should have a good experience.

Responsive Web Template is so well known and a lot of designers and developers are creating responsive templates to make our lives easier. If anyone don’t have a responsive design, then he is probably losing users/customers. To help you getting started, we have gathered 15 Free Responsive Website Templates. Enjoy.
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15 Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Since Adobe Illustrator released, it has grown to become the designer’s right hand when it comes to creating premier vector design. There’s so much that you can do with the tool and it is more difficult to know where to start. It seems complicated but if you have the time to learn Illustrator it is well worth the effort.

Today, we round up 15 useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials, covering everything from illustration to logo design, vector design and much more.
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Female Photo Manipulations By Chiara Fersini

Female Photo Manipulations By Chiara Fersini post image

Chiara Fersini is an artist born in Lecce, Italy in 1986. Graduated in foreign languages ​​(English and Japanese), has been surrounded by art since childhood. Her mother, who was a painter and decorator, dictate their love beauty and encourage her love for the visual arts. Her passion for famale photography and digital manipulations is recent, begins with a study tour to Japan in 2007. Chiara is also known as Himitsuhana.
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Top Rated Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpapers

Top Rated Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpapers post image

As we have posted iPhone 5/5s covers/cases, Top iPhone 5/5s Wallpapers and Top iPhone 4s Wallpapers before. Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular phones nowadays and thats why people are reviewing it and posting stuff about it. When it comes to wallpapers, you can download thousands of free wallpapers for this special phone.

Today we’ve collected 21 Top Rated Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpapers. You can get your hands on these amazing wallpapers. You can make the best out of these wallpapers and therefore download them on your phone and enjoy.
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Mobile Online Poker Goes Live In NJ

Mobile Online Poker Goes Live In NJ post image

Just weeks after the state of New Jersey once again allowed online poker magnates to set up shop and operate in the state, the companies were allowed to roll out online poker in the United States and unveiled a new plan that will bolster the popularity of the game: mobile poker. The apps, which are just one of the many ways that online poker operators are to boost their prominence in New Jersey, will serve as a new platform for players to engage in one of the few online poker websites allowed in the country.
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